What licence do I need?

All of our plugins come with several purchase options:

Single site licence
You should buy a “single site licence” if you only want to use the plugin on a single production site.

Multi-site licence
You should buy a multi-site licence if you’re planning on using the plugin on a number of different sites, maybe for different clients – or different business units. Our multi-site licence offers support and upgrades for up to 10-sites.

Agency licence

Agency licences are only available on certain products. You should buy an agency licence if you’re planning on using the plugin on a large number of different sites, maybe for different clients – or different business units. Our agency licence offers:

  • Support and upgrades for 100-sites
  • Priority support response

How long are licences valid for?

Our licences provide support and upgrades on the selected number of sites for 1 year from the date of purchase. We will contact you two weeks prior, one week prior and one day prior to your license expiry offering you the opportunity to renew your license.

If you do not renew your license, you can continue to use the plugin after that time, but you will not be eligible for further support, or upgrades.

How much does it cost to renew my licence?

If you renew your licence prior to expiry or within one calendar month following expiry you will be eligible for a discounted renewal rate. The discounted renewal rate will be 50% of the license purchase price effective at time of renewal.

The discounted renewal rate is not available on licenses that are not renewed prior to 1 calendar month after their expiry date.  

Why do licences need renewed?

WordPress evolves continuously. New features are added, and bugs are fixed. As well as WordPress, all of the plugins on your site are regularly updated to introduce new features, resolve bugs and address security issues.

Our plugins are no different, we are constantly working to add new features, resolve bugs that people experience, and monitor and fix any security issues that are present. Not only that, but many of our plugins extend existing WordPress plugins such as WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, or interact with third party APIs. We regularly test our plugins with the releases of these companion plugins and APIs to ensure that they still work, and are taking advantage of best practice.

By renewing your licence you’ll get the all of the following benefits for another 12 months:

  • Access to the most recent plugin features
  • Peace of mind that you have access to plugin updates that fix bugs, improve stability and keep your site secure
  • Compatibility with new WordPress releases and releases of other companion plugins
  • Continued access to our plugin support for your registered sites

Can I upgrade my licence?

Yes – you can upgrade your licence. In general the price for doing so will be the difference between the original price paid, and the current price for the desired option at time of purchase.

Please get in touch via our support form if you wish to upgrade an existing licence.

Are the plugins GPL?

Yes. The plugins are released under the GPL licence.

I have another question – what do I do?

I’d love to hear from you – drop me a note on our enquiry form.