Our WP e-Commerce / Mailchimp plugin has been a popular product for some time now – after all what’s better than being able to keep in touch with your store’s customers?

Well – it turns out that Mailchimp offer some pretty neat tools for tracking e-Commerce activity of list subscribers, and the latest update of our plugin makes it simple to start taking advantage of this. The update allows you to turn on e-Commerce tracking, and have details of customers purchases to be stored against the subscriber’s Mailchimp profile:

MailChimp Subscriber e-Commerce summary screenshot

Your subscriber overview now includes revenue generated by the subscriber.

Mailchimp also store more detailed information which you can see in the e-Commerce section of their profile:

The subscriber's e-Commerce profile.

The subscriber’s e-Commerce profile.

The real benefit however comes when you’re building segments of subscribers to get in touch with. The segmentation tool allows you to build segments based on specific products purchased, categories purchased from, total spend, or purchase date – straight away giving you access to some powerful segmentation.

You can get the integration plugin here.

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