Our WP e-Commerce Dashboard plugin is simple to set up. Before you start you’ll need just two things to hand:

Log into your WordPress site as normal, and install the plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin. Activate the plugin, and you’re off!


The plugin will add it’s default widgets to your site’s dashboard. The following widgets will be added by default:

  • E-Commerce Sales
  • E-Commerce Revenue
  • E-Commerce Recent Orders
  • E-Commerce Items to Ship
  • E-Commerce Recent Ratings
  • E-Commerce Product Sales

These widgets can be drag and dropped around as per any other dashboard widgets.

You can also turn off individual widgets if you want, using the standard WordPress “Screen Options” tab in the top right of your dashboard.

Sales Export

The sales export functionality can be access from your WordPress admin area, you should find a new menu item called “Store Sales” under your main Dashboard menu. You can export “Order details”, or “Order line details” depending on whether you need order totals, or he line-by-line product detail.

If you need the data regularly, you can also access the “Scheduled Sales Export” menu to set up automatic scheduled exports to run and be delivered by email, or dumped out to a file on your server.

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