PayPal appear to be experiencing a temporary issue where shipping / handling costs passed across to them aren’t taken into account – leading to orders effectively having no shipping charge when PayPal process the order.

If you’re using WP e-Commerce with PayPal and are hitting this issue, then adding the following snippet to your theme’s functions.php file should work around the issue for now.

function tmp_fix_wpsc_paypal_standard_post_data($args ) {
    $args['shipping_1'] += $args['handling_cart'];
    $args['handling_cart'] = 0;
    return $args;
add_filter('wpsc_paypal_standard_post_data', 'tmp_fix_wpsc_paypal_standard_post_data');

For the technical among you – PayPal seem to be ignoring costs passed in the handling_cart variable. This snippet simply adds what should be in that variable to the shipping cost of the first product in the cart, and zeroes the handling_cart. It’s only intended as a temporary fix, and should be removed when PayPal have resolved the issue.

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