WooCommerce Pro Shipping makes it easy to set up your WooCommerce store with shipping prices that vary according to value of the customer’s order. In our example below we’ll be setting up a simple set of shipping rules that charge £10 for orders up to £50, £5 for orders up to £100, and free shipping for orders over £100.

First, make sure that you’ve installed, and activated WooCommerce Pro Shipping – see the installation guide for information. Once it’s activated, head to WooCommerce » Pro Shipping, and choose Add Rate. This will present you with the add rate form.

We’re going to set up our shipping rate. We’re calling it “Standard shipping” both internally and in the customer facing description. Our rate applies irrespective of the shipping destination – so we’ll leave that set to “Everywhere”.

We set the rate to be based on “Order value”, and set up three weight layers to reflect the three price points we want to set up.

Then it’s a simple case of setting the cart values and shipping prices, each layer is configured by specifying the lowest value that that line applies to.

Here’s our final setup:



Of course, WooCommerce Pro Shipping allows you to set up multiple rates, and will automatically show all that apply. So if you want to add an Express option, with different value thresholds and prices, just add it as an additional rate, and customers will be presented with the choice during checkout. You can even set up different rates to apply only to specific countries by changing the Availability setting.

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