In order for your products to be listed in Google Product Search, you must create a Google Merchant Centre account for yourself, and then tell Google where it can find product information.

Step 1 – Sign in to Google Merchant Centre

Head to your Google Merchant Centre account – if you don’t already have an account you can sign up here.

Step 2 – Create a data feed

edd-gpf-settings-3The first thing to do is set up a test data feed. This will allow you to upload your feed, and check that you’ve provided all required information with affecting your live account.

Go to your Merchant Centre Dashboard and click on Data Feeds » New Test Data Feed.

You’ll be asked to confirm the target country for your feed, and to enter a feed name. As far as I can tell this is irrelevant – we’ll enter “E-Commerce_Product_List.xml”  which matches the filename that the feed plugin produces.

Once you’ve entered that just select Save Changes and you’ll be taken back to your feed list.

Step 3 – Download your feed

Head to your store, and go to the main EDD settings page, and choose the Product Feeds tab. Here you’ll find a link to download your Google feed:


Download the feed to your PC.

Step 4 – Test the feed

Head back to Google Merchant Centre, and choose the Manual Upload option against your test feed. Upload the test feed file that you’ve just downloaded, and choose Upload and process this file. Google will process and validate your file, and will let you know if there is any missing information.  You can click View Errors to see what information (If any) is missing.

If you receive no errors then you’re good to go, you can now set up a real feed – just repeat the process but choose New Data Feed instead of setting up a test feed. You can also schedule the feed to be fetched automatically.



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