The WooCommerce Pro Shipping extension lets you configure rates specific to countries, or states easily, having multiple different rates for different shipping destinations, and controlling things so that the right rates get shown to the right customers at checkout.

However the list of countries and states comes from the core WooCommerce product. While this has a pretty solid list of countries, there are some occasions where it doesn’t do quite what you want. One of these is my home country – the UK. WooCommerce treats this as one country which is often just fine. Sometimes however people want to offer different rates for the different countries that make up the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), or rates to specific counties.

Fortunately, WooCommerce allows the list of countries and states to be filtered and added to. The “WooCommerce UK Counties” plugin  extends the list to include all of the counties of the UK countries allowing you to be pretty specific about the rates you set up. Check it out on GitHub.

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