Google’s merchant centre and product ads are a great way to advertise your products, and of driving traffic to your site. To be able to set up product ads, you need to import your products into Google Merchant Centre, and meet all of its data requirements. Google expect a specific feed with information about your products to get them into the Merchant Centre database. Unfortunately adding the information to all of your products can be an onerous task – especially in large stores.

This plugin (sold through allows you to easily set store-wide defaults which will apply to all products – avoiding the need to paste the same information against all products in your store. For added flexibility, you can also set settings against your store categories, allowing you to provide values to be used for all products in that category. The plugin gives you the ultimate control with an easy to use form on your products so you can provide product-specific information if you need to.

You can choose what fields you want to include, based on your market sector, and location, and the end result is a fully automated feed containing all of your product information, in the right format for Google to read straight in.

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