WordPress.org is currently importing language packs for plugins into their central system, allowing them to be managed and downloaded separately rather than having to bundle everything with plugins. One of the knock on effects to this process is that some plugins are required to change their text-domain.

As an example, easy digital downloads is having to change from a text domain of “edd” to “easy-digital-downloads”. Unfortunately this would ordinarily cause any string replacements you’ve set up to stop working – since the strings being offered for replacement no longer match what you would have set up in Say What?

Fortunately, the Say What? plugin allows domain aliases to be configured so that a plugin can register the fact that their new text domain was previously something else, and then Say What? can continue to use your existing replacements. If you’ve come across a plugin that has changed its text domain and replacements no longer work, then a code snippet like this will allow you (or the plugin author) to map the domains for you.

function edd_say_what_domain_aliases($aliases) {
    // Add a mapping from your new domain to the old.
    $aliases['easy-digital-downloads'][] = 'edd';
    return $aliases;
add_filter( 'say_what_domain_aliases', 'edd_say_what_domain_aliases' );

Fortunately for Easy Digital Downloads users – the plugin already includes this for you – so the whole process should be seamless as long as all of your plugins are up to date. Hopefully this post will let you map any changed domains yourself, or get changes implemented into plugins of your choosing.

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