Some of our users have asked us what is the best way to replace a word across their whole WordPress site. This isn’t something that our string replacement plugin “Say What? Pro” has traditionally been a good solution for. It normally works on full sentences, rather than individual words, so you would swap one sentence for another.

However, the new “wildcard swaps” feature allows you to do just that. Simply enter part of a string or word, and replacements will be carried out across all translatable strings on the site . These swaps are evaluated for every single string on your site, so they’re not the most efficient things in the world, and we’d always recommend proper full replacements where possible.

They can also lead to some interesting results if you’re overly broad with what you replace. For example here’s what happens to the WordPress “Users” menu if you set up a swap for “Use” to “Choose”. However – pick your strings carefully and it can be a useful way of replacing a wide range of strings without having to set up specific replacements for each sentence.


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