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    I was looking for something that would handle per product shipping prices and a global pickup from store price. I was having trouble achieving this with a default install of wp ecommerce and this did exactly what I wanted with no fuss straight away. Excellent!
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Our WP e-Commerce Premium Shipping module offers flexible shipping options for the WP e-Commerce system.

You can set up multiple rates, and for each rate choose which continents, countries or regions it applies to – you can even configure your own regions online.


You can choose the description that your store customers will see, and then decide exactly how the postage price will be calculated:

Flat rate price

A fixed price irrespective of cart contents, quantity or weight.

Order weight price bands

Set up price bands based on the total cart weight. Set your rates in any supported WP e-Comerce weight unit – pounds, grams, kilograms, ounces. Set the smallest weight for each band, and set the price for orders that match that weight band.

If you prefer, you can calculate a price based on each individual product’s rate, and total them to provide an overall price.

Quantity based pricing

Set up price bands based on the number of items in the order.

Order value pricing

Set up price bands based on the total order value. Set the lowest order price for each band to apply, and set the price.

Per-product pricing

Assign individual shipping prices for each per-product pricing rate on your product pages. The total weight charged will be the sum of the individual per-product prices.

You’ve also got the ability to set up “Overrides” such as a minimum and/or maximum shipping charges (Great if you’re using per-product pricing), or free shipping discounts for specific rates based on order value. For example:

Free shipping on orders over $50 for local shipping, and free shipping on orders over $100 for international orders.

Note: Shipping overrides only apply to rates set with the Premium Shipping Plugin.


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