e-Commerce tracking for WP e-Commerce and Mailchimp

Our WP e-Commerce / Mailchimp plugin has been a popular product for some time now – after all what’s better than being able to keep in touch with your store’s customers?

Well – it turns out that Mailchimp offer some pretty neat tools for tracking e-Commerce activity of list subscribers, and the latest update of our plugin makes it simple to start taking advantage of this. The update allows you to turn on e-Commerce tracking, and have details of customers purchases to be stored against the subscriber’s Mailchimp profile:

MailChimp Subscriber e-Commerce summary screenshot

Your subscriber overview now includes revenue generated by the subscriber.

Mailchimp also store more detailed information which you can see in the e-Commerce section of their profile:

The subscriber's e-Commerce profile.

The subscriber’s e-Commerce profile.

The real benefit however comes when you’re building segments of subscribers to get in touch with. The segmentation tool allows you to build segments based on specific products purchased, categories purchased from, total spend, or purchase date – straight away giving you access to some powerful segmentation.

You can get the integration plugin here.

Add transaction information to Campaign Monitor custom fields

We’ve just pushed an update to our WP e-Commerce Campaign Monitor integration plugin to add an important new feature – the ability to lodge order information into Campaign Monitor custom fields.

cm-accountNow it’s even easier than before to segment your customers based on fields such as product ordered, order value , order date, or number of items purchased. Send targeted emails to customers that haven’t ordered for a while, or customers that ordered a particular product to tell them about new accessories or related purchases.

cm-configWhen you first set up an integration – the plugin will check for custom fields on your chosen list, and you can then choose what transaction to put into which fields.

When customers checkout then the inforrmation from their order will be passed to Campaign Monitor and placed in the custom fields you selected – allowing you to create advanced segments for future mailshots.

Happy marketing – get your copy here.

Mailcheck for WordPress e-Commerce

The Mailcheck jQuery plugin is a fantastic bit of code that suggests corrections to domains when your users misspell it in an email address. For example, if someone  types in “user@hotnail.con”, Mailcheck will suggest “user@hotmail.com”.

This is perfect for situations where you want to make sure that customers give you accurate email addresses – e-Commerce checkouts for example.

We’ve wrapped up the Mailcheck library into a WordPress plugin below that integrates automatically with all of the major WordPress e-Commerce systems, including WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, and Jigoshop.


Get it from WordPress.org now.

Introducing Shipping Overrides

We’ve just added a new feature to our WP e-Commerce Premium Shipping Plugin – “Shipping Overrides”.

Shipping overrides let you set special conditions on top of your Premium Shipping Rates, conditions such as Free Shipping, Minimum Charges, and Maximum Charges.

Each Override applies only to certain rates (For example so you could do Free Shipping for orders over $20 for local shipping, but make it only on orders over $100 for international shipping).

Some screenshots below – all feedback and improvement suggestions welcome!






Per-product shipping fees

We’ve just made an update to our Premium Shipping plugin.

The update allows you to set up multiple rates where the prices are generated by individual prices set against your products.

This allows you the ultimate flexibility of setting up the rates you want (Standard, Express etc.), limited to the countries, regions or continents that you want, and then allows you for each product in your store to choose the price you want for that rate:


Automatically add users to Campaign Monitor when they register

Ever wanted to automatically have users that register on your site added to Campaign Monitor – it’s simple with our WordPress Ajax Campaign Monitor Widgets plugin.


Grab, the plugin, and once it’s installed and activated, you’ll see a new link in your WordPress admin menu, under “Users”.


Just add your Campaign Monitor API information, and then every user registering will be automatically added to your Campaign Monitor list.

If your users update their name or email address, those changes will be automatically synchronised across to Campaign Monitor too.

Social Links for Campaign Monitor Widgets

We’ve just added a great new feature to our Ajax Campaign Monitor Widgets plugin – it’s in version 3.0.1 – available today. You can now setup the plugin to automatically show “social media” links when people sign up.

Linking to the two most popular social media sites will help spread the word about your great newsletter and products by encouraging users to tell their friends when they sign up.

You can configure tweet content, and even specify your own twitter account so that people will not only be encouraged to share, but will help grow your twitter followers at the same time. Not only that, but each widget or shortcode allows you to have different settings so you can tailor the messages to be relevant to the form that people used to sign up.

Check out a video of the plugin in action.

Exporting Sales


The Sales Export functionality in the WP e-Commerce Dashboard & Export plugin can be accessed from your WordPress dashboard area. You can find the menu options under the main “Dashboard” item as “Sales Export” as per this screenshot.

This will let you set up a one-off export, choosing whether you want to export order summary, or order line details. You can choose exactly which fields you want to export, and the date range to extract.

Alternatively you can schedule automatic periodic exports using the “Scheduled Sales Export” option. This lets you choose the same options as the one-off export, but lets you choose to have the export run automatically dumped out to a secure filesystem location, or delivered by email.